How to help us?

In such an adventure the help of the ham radio community is extremely important. Although each team member will brought personal funds up to 50% of the budget, we also need to call upon the international DX community to help us collect the necessary budget.

Right now the required budget is between 90,000 $US and 100,000 $US. Most of it is devoted to the logistics and the charter of the boat.


You can help our expedition in the simplest way by donating some funds. People who can contribute at least €25/ $25 / ¥3300 will automatically receive as a thankful gesture their QSL card direct once the expedition is over. Donors' callsigns will also be listed in the donor's page

Note: Whatever the donation amount received we are deeply grateful for this gesture. In order to ensure traceability we ask you to always mention your first and last name as well as your callsign and adress.

If you are unable to use Paypal, it is also possible to make a bank transfer. Feel free to contact us.

We invite the main foundations and the numerous DX clubs and associations throughout the world to participate in the financing of the DXpedition.

A mobilization of all is essential so that this operation can take place. All the club sponsors will be listed on the web site and their logos will appear on our sponsor's page.

It is also possible to make a bank transfer. Feel free to contact us.

To make sure that we have the most competitive equipment we have asked for commercial help. These companies are an essential link in the success of our expedition since it allows us to operate with the latest in technology that we don’t always have access to.

Each of them will be mentioned and their logos will be well exposed on the web site with a dedicated page about our sponsors as well as animated banners.

Our QSL card will also mention them as well as articles, summaries, videos and presentations.

Feel free to contact us.


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