Propagation Forecasts

by / Wednesday, 07 February 2018 / Published in Actualité, news

We have provided several tools to help you to estimate the propagation during our 3B7A DXpedition.

We have also calculated with VOACAP a series of “ready-to-use” forecasts that take the antennas and power which will be used from 3B7A into account. These calculations have been done for a 3 el. Yagi at 10m above the ground on the high bands, and a quarter wave vertical with average ground on the low bands.

During the DXpedition, each station will have a schedule, per band and hour, of these forecasts. We will follow this schedule in order not to miss any opening, striving to give priority to those who benefit from the shortest openings. This is the principle that we adopted successfully for FT4JA and FT4TA. We rely on the cooperation of each of you to respect the operators’ directives because we will only contact the geographical areas we call.

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