April 10th

by / Tuesday, 10 April 2018 / Published in Actualité, news

One more very good day on Saint Brandon. The propagation is generally correct even if the conditions are uneven from one day to another. Our setup with “feet in the water” is probably the main advantage in these good results.

We continue to insist on increasing the number of QSOs with the most difficult areas, especially during NA slots which are quite short. Once again, thank you all for your cooperation. Our schedules are updated according to each day’s openings and the information you provide to our pilots.

Regarding the 160m, we started our emissions at sunset to increase the chances for Japan. Some QSOs could be realized at that time. Later in the night we then switched to EU / JA every 10/15 minutes until JA SR which permited us some QSO 3B7-JA. We will try again tonight. Luckily, the static noise level is low on the low bands since the beginning of the expedition. Let’s hope it will stay like that to the end.