April 11th

by / Wednesday, 11 April 2018 / Published in Actualité, news

The propagation is sometimes capricious on the higher bands. This day was less intense especially on 10 and 12 with much weaker signals. During the coming night we will continue to operate on 17 and 20m until they close with NA, before switching to the lower bands. Last night was good on 160m with in particular with many JA at their SR. We will renew the same plan tonight.

This day we met the Mauritian coast guard stationed on Saint Brandon. The South island is not big but we had not yet had the time to venture to the other side. We were able to share with passion and share with him our experiences of Tromelin and Juan de Nova. Those expedition’s conditions were quite similar in terms of fauna and flora.

We are now about halfway through the expedition. The efforts are paying off and the results are in line with our objectives. As from the beginning we will continue to give everyone the opportunity to achieve at least a qso with Saint Brandon.

The plan will be clarified in the next few days, but it is likely that we will partially dismount the antennas on Sunday 15 in the day. Six members of the team will take the boat to Mauritius on Monday the 16th while 2 operators will stay in Saint Brandon one more day with a minimum setup.