April 14th

by / Saturday, 14 April 2018 / Published in Actualité, news

The 60,000 Qso bar has just been crossed! We did not set a target quantity but quality and we are very happy. With only 8 operators for 9 days, it confirms that we were not idle. This of course taking into account that we also manage the maintenance of the generators and the camp in general, the food, the tuning of the antennas, etc. we did not sleep much.

Our transmissions continue and the number of “unique” goes up gradually. This will remain our focus until the end, especially by keeping on air a permanent station on 20m SSB. Still based on the information of our pilots we are testing new slots of opening to South America particularly, sometimes with success. This again emphasizes the importance of the information you provide them.

We will begin the dismantling of some antennas tomorrow during the day while keeping a maximum of active stations. This night will be the last on 80 and 160m.

Count on us not to let go and give all our strength in this last straight line!