April 9th

by / Monday, 09 April 2018 / Published in Actualité, news

Very good day on Saint Brandon. After the heavy work done the past days, we were finally able to devote almost 100% to traffic.

All the equipments are operational and there is no problem to report. The different receiving antennas installed for the lower bands are globally satisfactory and help as expected.

Last night was excellent for 80m to contact all continents. The 160 remains a little more difficult but many EU and some NA were done. We will try to start earlier tonight to maximize the chances with JA.

On all the bands, we continue as planned, following our propagation predictions, to optimize the openings with the most difficult zones, generally with success. Thank you all for cooperating and follow the instructions of the operators.

After so much work to achieve this moment, be sure that we take a lot of pleasure to contact you! Let’s hope it’s the same for you.